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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emergency Training For Staff Mandatory?

Yes. Tailored emergency training for staff and wardens is mandatory in all workplace buildings and facilities in Australia. It is required under health and safety regulations and Australian Standards AS3745 Managing Emergencies in Facilities.

Is Training Required To Be Building Or Site Specific?

Training is required to be site specific to take into account site specific aspects, such as installed fire safety measures and alarm types, site emergency contacts, emergency services contacts, site specific risks and the like. Additionally evacuation procedures are required to be site specific including evacuation, lockdown and stay in place orders.

Does Online Training Replace Onsite Training?

While tailored online emergency training can be suitable at many sites it does not necessarily replace onsite training at all sites. But because it is easy and convenient to take it is regarded as a valuable interim training measure until onsite training is available.


Efficient & Effective

Tailored online emergency training is efficient and effective, saving both time and money over alternative in-person training sessions. By providing customized content specific to the needs of the facility and its staff, this training will ensure that staff and wardens receive consistent, relevant and practical information without the need for travel or time out for in-person sessions.

Save Time

Tailored online emergency training takes approximately 20 minutes per person to complete, which is a big saving in time when compared to in-person training, which can take a staff member away from their work for 2 to 4 hours when you take into account travel and attendance time.

Save Money

Not only are there big cost savings from taking less time to train, online training saves direct costs associated with live training resources and instructor fees, making it the most cost-effective solution for delivering emergency training to large or dispersed staff numbers.

Return On Investment

When you consider time savings together with cost saving, clients can achieve returns on their investment as quick as 6 weeks to 6 months. With even greater savings in subsequent years.

Peace Of Mind

It is clear that tailored online emergency training has many benefits including saving time and costs as well as being easy and convenient for staff to take training on-demand. But most importantly it helps organisations achieve their emergency training requirements efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind for those responsible for safety and compliance that they are meeting their obligations.