Online Compliance

Take control of your building’s compliance with LinkFM, Statcom’s compliance software. LinkFM allows a real-time functional overview which affords you the comfort of knowing your compliance status at any given time.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Real time reporting

Easy to read & functional dashboards

Automated task reminders

Defects, Issues & Hazard Reporting

Maintenance Schedules

Schedule & Manage Maintenance Tasks

LinkFM simplifies compliance maintenance with its user-friendly interface.

You can effortlessly enter tasks, work orders, and hazards and assign them to the appropriate staff or contractors. The system conveniently sends automatic email reminders to ensure timely completion of tasks. Once a task is finished, simply mark it as completed and report any issues or defects. LinkFM enables you to monitor task completion and promptly address any outstanding or overdue tasks.

Generate Compliance Reports

Easily generate reports and records with just a click and receive them directly to your email.

Report Hazards

Reporting hazards is mandatory in order to maintain safety in buildings and facilities.

Hazards in buildings and facilities refer to potential risks to the safety, security, health, and well- being of occupants or property. Building and facility managers need to take steps to ensure that hazards are reported, managed and rectified in a prompt and safe manner with records of actions kept as evidence.